Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ContentBlogger Now AnswerTips-Enabled

I was very excited to learn about the Answers.com AnswerTips capability a few weeks back but never got around to pushing out the tool to ContentBlogger. Well, in the process of rolling out a template change for ContentBlogger recently to highlight our SIIA 2007 CODiE award for Best Media Blog the AnswerTips feature was pushed out. What does this mean to you? Double-click any word on ContentBlogger and you'll see - you get a little pop-up with a definition for that word and related content links.

The net effect of this tool is a little more clear when you try it a little carelessly. In the example on the left I double-clicked on the word "conversion" and the tool picked out nearby words to provide a definition of the term "cost per conversion." Click on the word "missing" further along and it picks up the word next to it to return the definition for "missing link." Neat. Other words I am less crazy about because they return links to other weblogs and content sources instead of reference content from Answers.com, but if someone is in research mode that's probably a good thing for them. If this were an ad-supported site I'd probably feel somewhat different, though.

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think. The reminder link is at the bottom of each page - we try not to highlight technology partnerships in ContentBlogger to maintain an objective presentation of information - so you'll have to remember that it's there for now. But it's there. Our thanks to Answers.com for a handy tool that's a clever, low-key way to embed value-add content into weblogs.
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