Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ContentBlogger Wins the SIIA 2007 CODiE Award for Best Media Blog

Industry awards are not a recognition that you are the best of anything in any absolute sense: this I know from being a judge for the SIIA CODiE awards for a few years running. Companies eager for recognition come forward, get weighed by industry experts and then are presented to the membership of the association sponsoring the awards for voting. So the CODiEs are above all a recognition from peers who have come to know you and your work in very specific contexts.

It is in the full knowledge of this that we are truly humbled and honored by the judgment of our peers in the Software and Information Industry Association that ContentBlogger is the Best Media Blog for 2007. The team members and affiliates of Shore Communications Inc. who have labored for more than four years to produce this weblog do so to provide unbiased insight into the content industry that is valued by thousands of professionals like ourselves worldwide. Social media is above all other things a tool that allows peers to communicate effectively without the worry of whether what we are saying is the most influential word on any given topic in the eyes of the world as a whole. What really matters is that the people who we really care about and who value our opinions as peers and colleagues perceive and understand the value of what we do. From this standpoint, there could be no finer recognition for our efforts than a peer award such as the CODiE.

Our thanks go out to the Board of Directors and the staff of the SIIA who work so hard on these awards, as well as to all of the judges who work very earnestly to filter the many prospective candidates for these awards. Our thanks go also to the many nominees who were up for this and other awards: it is an honor to be judged alongside your many fine efforts. Thanks also to Newstex and LexisNexis who distribute ContentBlogger to enterprise subscribers. But most of all we thank you, our loyal and passionate readers who come here to find insight, information and, on a good day, some wit and wisdom that might help you to know your markets, set your strategies and implement them with success. We are honored by your appreciation of our efforts and will bear your strong appreciation in mind as we continue to improve our communications with you. It's been a hoot.
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