Monday, April 30, 2007

Headlines for 30 April 2007

ABC Reveals Big Drops in Circ in Spring 2007
Editor & Publisher
Social Networking Leaves Confines of the Computer
The New York Times*
Mixed Media: Big Media Can Survive
Panama Not Enough To Battle Google: Yahoo Acquires RightMedia
News Corp. to bring MySpace to China
IHT via Content Agenda
Joost's Advertising Model
Advertising Lab
Google nudges state governments to make public records more accessible
AP via The York Dispatch
Physician wikis: Do-it-yourself textbooks
Internet Radio Bill Would Strip Artist Payments
US Newswire via Content Agenda Relaunches with Citizen Journalism
Micro Persuasion
The Latest Must-Have for Yuppies: A Blog About the Neighborhood
The New York Times*
Fast Search sides with newspapers in Web sales war
So much for the 'new and improved' GPL

Best Practices
New Google Natural Search Patent to Penalise Duplicate Content
PROMO Magazine Study Reports Large Increase in Interactive Marketing Spending

Cool Tools
PikSpot Is Splashcast Plus Ning
Discourse DB brings Semantic Web to politics
Really Simple Sidi
Find Social Network Users with YoName
Finally, the On-Demand, Online Garage Band Gets Real
Wired Magazine

Deals, Parnerships & Sales

Reuters Advances Development of Search Capability with the Acquisition of ClearForest
Pyxis and Morningstar Partner to Make Wholesalers' Lives Easier
Mutual Fund Wire
New York Times Building Is Sold for About $525 Million
WSJ Online*

Products, Markets & People
Brainshark Expands Professional Services Offerings
Reuters To Launch Algorithmic News Sentiment Tool
Seeking Alpha
Baynote Delivers Profits from 'The Long Tail' with New Community-Guided eCommerce Solution
PR Newswire
Construction Business Media readies debut of 'Architectural SSL'
BtoB Online
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