Friday, May 4, 2007

Acxiom Uses Predictive Modeling to Build More Valuable Prospect Lists

One of the ongoing debates in business information is how to deliver high-quality content to enterprise marketers and sales forces. Traditionally this discussion revolves around how to cleanse contact information through traditional methods such as phone interviewing and more advanced methods such as Web data mining. But what sales and marketing professionals really want to know is who of these contacts will turn out to be good targets for marketing campaigns. Acxiom is taking on this challenge with the announcement of a service that will allow marketers to filter contact lists quickly through a predictive modeling system. The system will allow them to determine quickly which of their prospects is likely to respond to a given marketing offer, making it easier for marketers to select lists with appropriate demographics to maximize the effectiveness of a campaign.

Large-scale marketers have been able to afford such technologies but with the introduction of Acxiom On-Demand Targeting it's a capability that small and medium businesses can take advantage of as needed - and that larger businesses can use without having to resort to custom analysis and coding. It's a reminder that "data quality" is a relative factor in determining which premium content service is going to yield the most return from an investment. We're going to see more analysis tools making their way into business information services that move past contact accuracy and further into giving marketers accurate knowledge of intents. Statistical analysis based on deep data knowledge is one path to this insight, but there will be qualitative paths to understanding human behavior as well. In both cases quality content that leads to quality transactions will be the key to premium business information value.
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