Sunday, June 3, 2007

Headlines for 3 June 2007

Fever Builds for iPhone (Anxiety Too)
The New York Times*
Google Announces Feedburner Deal; Look For AdWords Integration
Murdoch May Make Concessions, Up to a Limit, in Dow Jones Talks
WSJ Online*
Growth Slows For National, Traditional Media But Local Online Ad Spend Continues To Rise: Report
Web, computer "widgets" offer branding opportunities
Reuters via Topix
Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine
The New York Times*
FCC to examine net neutrality: issue could affect content providers,consumers
Macworld via Content Agenda
MSN Soapbox goes public again, now with copyright filtering
Download Squad
Google CEO: Mobile Devices Are 'Interesting Ad Platform'
Dow Jones via SmartMoney
Nocera: Murdoch Will Break Promise and Meddle In 'WSJ'
Editor & Publisher
Zune: not headed for Europe this year?
iTunes supposedly DRM-free music not so DRM-free?

Best Practices
Science nixes submissions in Microsoft's new Word format
Community-Edited News Sites Abound in Other Languages
LexisNexis Releases Survey on InfoPros Reveals Use of Web 2.0 and Knowledge Management
BusinessWire via TMCNet

Cool Tools
Comparison of Yahoo Pipes to Microsoft’s PopFly
Google Launches Directions API

Deals, Partnerships and Sales
Bridgepoint Capital buy of Wolters Kluwer's education unit cleared by EU
Thomson Fin. via Hemscott

Products, Markets & People
New Information Portal Makes Business Intelligence More Accessible
Business Intelligence
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