Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Headline Summary for 31 July 2007

The soap opera is over - now on to the real deal...
News Corp. Is Poised to Win Dow Jones
WSJ Online*
Bancrofts' Jockeying Over Murdoch Deal Goes Down to the Wire
WSJ Online*
New Opposition Arises to Dow Jones Deal
WSJ Online*
Dow ponders free finance news site
Australian IT

For a decade traditional news outlets have not moved quickly enough to build new revenues....
New York Times Co. earnings fall 49 percent in second quarter
BtoB Online
Free Fall From Tribune Tower: Profit Down 58% In 2Q
Editor & Publisher
Tribune Sale at Issue as Newspaper Woes Mount
Editor and Publisher
Can the Washington Post survive?
Fortune via CNN Money
Tabloid Eaten by Aliens! Fake Columnist Loses His Job! World Weekly News Ends its Run
The New York Times*

And for a decade publishers have dragged their heels on making the Web a universal medium...
Cuban: The Internet is dead
Multichannel News/CAgenda
U.S. Internet dominance fading fast
Download Squad
Who Still Reads Magazines? Just About Everybody
TV Week

Google tries to bust open the wireless Web with hungry partners and lobbies for mobile openness...
Google kicks WiMax goal with Sprint Deal
CBR Online
FCC shuns Google plans for open mobile network
CBR Online
Google plans search service for mobile content
WSJ via Pantagraph.com
Bloggers Invited to Collaborate on Writing Broadband Legislation
PC World
The U.S. May Get A Free Mobile Service Before Europe

With revenues from its own intellectual property waning Microsoft turns to brokering ads for others' content...
Ballmer: We are 'hell-bent' on succeeding in ads
Microsoft acquires ad exchange company
Microsoft Signs Digg To Exclusive Display, Contextual Ad Deal; Google Loses Out, FM Keeps Hand In

As ad-supported content makes greater inroads premium content thrives in high-value B2B contexts...
Advertisements demolish the paywalls
The Guardian
Thomson Corp. Q2 revenue up 11 per cent, net more than doubles to US$377M
CP via MSN Finance
Thomson results please as Reuters merger looms
Financial Post

B2B media thrives in niches but the margins hoped for in recent acquisition sprees may not materialize...
IDG’s CIO.com Audience Increases 19%
Latest Reorg Leaves Observers Wondering About Cygnus
FOLIO: Magazine

Copyrighted content gets more protection online as portal producers line up major licensing deals...
The Net Gets Real On Copyrights
BusinessWeek via WTOV.com
Google to filter copyright videos by September

Which is little comfort to artists seeking beyond-the-grave rights to their works...
Musicians' copyright pleas fall on deaf ears in UK
The Guardian

Google remains the contextualizer in chief, but a broader array of venues are capturing the action...
They dont know you, they don't know us, but they know Google
Sail World
From Search to (Re)Search: Searching For The Google Killer
Ad Networks: Why it’s better than ever to be a targeted content site

Social media is thriving but business models to monetize it are still works in progress...
Facebook: What's In It For Journalists?
Wanted: Experienced, passionate citizens for hyperlocal sites: Earn $$$ from your home!
USC Annenberg OJR
Calacanis asks deep questions about social networks
A Social-Networking Service With a Velvet Rope
The New York Times*

Open access scientific content gets major boosts from the U.S. and scientific markets...
House Bill Mandates Public Access To Research Results
Momentum for Open Access
Inside Higher Ed

And plain old television online should get us excited...why?
Joost to launch with million users by year's end

Memo to Fox Interactive: Wonder why people are moving over to Facebook in droves...?
MySpace Finds 29,000 Sex Offenders
AP via Content Agenda

In other major trends in content this week...
ComScore refines web metrics system
Businesses Can Benefit From The Boom In Consumer Digital Content
YouTube video debate actually worked
Federal Appeals Court Holds Email Content Is Constitutionally Protected
Ctr Democracy & Technology
Congress is considering a law to stop Social Security Numbers from being posted in unsafe places
American Chronicle
No Contest: eBooks Are Winning!
American Chronicle
XM, Sirius plan a la carte offerings
USA Today

Best Practices
'S.F. Chron' Announces Newsroom and Web Changes
Editor and Publisher
Counterpoint: 'Content Made for a Handful of People'
Ideas to Shake Up Publishing
Inside Higher Ed
End Mobile Browser Sniffing and Give Consumers Choices
Robots Exclusion Protocol: now with even more flexibility
Google Blog
A checkpoint on Web 2.0 in the enterprise
Dion Hinchcliffe
Mobile Weather Information Is Most Popular Among Americans, While Europeans Prefer Browsing Sports
Marketwire via EarthTimes
Interview: Peter Suber On Copyright Law and Free Online Scholarship
Global Politician
New Technology Tools Have High Acceptance Rate in Public Relations
Free information for the taking
Google Tussles With Autonomy Over Search Criticism
The Problem with Web Measurement, Part 1
Syndication Wars 2007: Atom's Time is Nigh, With Google on its Side
Read/Write Web
US info pros plug into Web 2.0 computing
Information World Review

Cool Tools
Screencasting Gets Easier With New Screen Capture And Desktop Recording Tool: Jing Project
Robin Good
Near-Time Premium Is Creating Online Businesses
dBusiness News
Tool reclaims time for journalists, researchers
Engagd with an Attention Platform
Download Squad
Digg Launches Digg Widgets
Find old colleagues with WorkedHere
Download Squad

Deals, Partnerships & Sales

AOL To Acquire Online Ad Net Tacoda For Around $275 Million
WashingtonWatch.com and PR Newswire Announce Content Partnership
PR Newswire
Real Cities Network and DotConnect Media Announce Partnership
PR Newswire via CNN Money
Answers.com & mtvU Launch Interactive Reference Tool on Over 500 Online College Newspapers
Penton’s Truck Blue Book to Partner with DealerManage
Jobster Launches New Application on Facebook Platform in Partnership with Hundreds of Employers
Twitter Takes Funding from Del.icio.us Investor
Hearst expected to announce the acquisition of UGO Networks
DeSilva + Phillips' Client Mediabistro.com Acquired by Jupitermedia for $23 Million
PR Web
TomTom to buy map supplier Tele Atlas

Products, Markets & People
Factiva SalesWorks from Dow Jones Offers New JavaScript-based Web Service Capability
PR Newswire
Thomson Learning to become Cengage
Norwalk Advocate via Topix
Getty Images Liberates Its Footage Collections
PR Newswire via CNN Money
LexisNexis Launches ExecRelate(TM) for Relationship Management
Marchesano Named Jordan, Edmiston Group’s New Managing Director
FOLIO: Magazine
Dow Jones NewsPlus -- Capital Markets Report Edition Expands Fixed- Income and Currency News
PR Newswire via CNN Money
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