Sunday, July 29, 2007

Headlines for 29 July 2007

A Social-Networking Service With a Velvet Rope
The New York Times*
Can the Washington Post survive?
Fortune via CNN Money
Bancrofts' Jockeying Over Murdoch Deal Goes Down to the Wire
WSJ Online*
Calacanis asks deep questions about social networks
Google kicks WiMax goal with Sprint Deal
CBR Online
Google plans search service for mobile content
WSJ via
Dow ponders free finance news site
Australian IT
Congress is considering a law to stop Social Security Numbers from being posted in unsafe places
American Chronicle
Bloggers Invited to Collaborate on Writing Broadband Legislation
PC World
The U.S. May Get A Free Mobile Service Before Europe
IDG’s Audience Increases 19%
Google to filter copyright videos by September
Thomson results please as Reuters merger looms
Financial Post
Latest Reorg Leaves Observers Wondering About Cygnus
FOLIO: Magazine
AP Ending Its "asap" Service in October
Editor and Publisher
Tabloid Eaten by Aliens! Fake Columnist Loses His Job! World Weekly News Ends its Run
The New York Times*

Best Practices
Ideas to Shake Up Publishing
Inside Higher Ed
End Mobile Browser Sniffing and Give Consumers Choices
Robots Exclusion Protocol: now with even more flexibility
Google Blog

Cool Tools
Near-Time Premium Is Creating Online Businesses
dBusiness News

Products, Markets & People
LexisNexis Launches ExecRelate(TM) for Relationship Management
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