Monday, August 20, 2007

Headline Summary for 20 August

It's an online-first world for most content consumers today...
OPA Study Reveals Shifting Internet Landscape: Content is now King

As major media producers commit to getting online right this time...
Big media hunts for Web cred, again
Hearst Uses Startup Mentality in Revamp of Magazine Sites

But communications companies still seem fixated on old models for content distribution...
How many trees did your iPhone bill kill?
USA Today
iPhone data roaming charges exceed $5,000!
AT&T Horror Story

Shrinking and vanishing print titles hit more markets and niches as fewer ads support less content...
Chicago Tribune Narrowing Pages
AP via Yahoo! Finance
Why newspapers are not screwed
Virtual Economics
Celebrity Magazines Gain, but Not Industry Circulation
The New York Times*
Ziff Davis Won’t Make Interest Payment Due Today
FOLIO: Magazine
Dow Jones could pay more to refinance debt
Reuters via The Hollywood Rptr

As social media powers more personal and business networking the audiences and dollars follow...
VideoEgg: Suddenly They’re A Facebook Ad Network
TripAdvisor drops $3 million for a Facebook application
Download Squad
Mashable Launches the Web 2.0 Marketplace: Free for 48 Hours
Why Twitter will change the way business communicates (again).
Opening up the Social Network Graph
O'Reilly Radar

Not that everything is ducky in startup land either... Shuts Down, After Failed Acquisition By GoFish

While Google focuses on enabling technologies other services focused on users are gaining leverage...
Yahoo beats Google in customer satisfaction survey
The demise of Google: Niche search services could herald hard times ahead
Yahoo puts the yokel in Local
Dr. Google and Dr. Microsoft
The New York Times*

As blog content becomes more mainstream blog-specific services are hard-pressed to stand out....
Technorati Founder Resigns as CEO
WSJ Online*

Wikipedia's openness to manipulation by corporations and governments comes under fire...
Wikipedia and the art of censorship
The Independent

No so fast, FAST - being all things to all people is a strategy that requires excellent execution...
FAST realigns after operational failures

Copyright continues to be a battleground but technologies are making it easier to do the right thing...
Consulting firm pays $300K for illegally using copyrighted content
Could Audio Watermarking Help Make MP3s Free?
PC World

China's inconsistent approach to censorship makes it difficult for media companies to do business...
China Announces Media Crackdown
The New York Times*
Companies need guidance to face censors abroad

Memo to television producers: don't get your hopes up for online distribution without a new business model...
Is the Future of Television Online? Not Yet

In other major trends in content this week...
Google helps LA Times redefine 'defensive'
Lawsuit Challenges Google’s Keyword Ads
The New York Times*
BBC iPlayer wreaking havoc on ISPs
Download Squad
Lead Generation: Hot Online-Marketing Niche Cools Fast
WSJ Online*
Ebooks and Text Adventures Come to the iPhone
Wired Blog Net
A Common Misconception Regarding Video Advertising
Alexa Says YouTube Is Now Bigger Than Google. Alexa Is Useless

Best Practices
Why Full Text Feeds Actually Increase Page Views
Scan This Book! In the race to digitize the public domain, is the future of the library at stake?
Library Journal
What Is the Return on Your Investment in Social Media?
The Blog Herald
Copyright is Not a Right
P2P Foundation
Google Penalization: Text Links, Redirects Not Likely Causes
Robin Good
RSS feeds begin to bleed into enterprise applications
Fading away: The problem of digital sustainability
True behavioural targeting means more than segmentation
Wiki becomes textbook in Boston College classroom
Facebook: Signing Your Life Away or Being Immortalised?
AllMedia Scotland
Survey Finds Librarians Agree on Accessibility as Main Draw of eBooks
EContent Magazine

Cool Tools
Movable Type 4.0 Launched
Read/Write Web
Trueveo - The Most Relevant Video Search Engine That Indexes All Video Clips
Digital Inspiration
Google To Release Embeddable Maps
O'Reilly Radar
Skype on iPhone. No, seriously.

Deals, Partnerships & Sales

Tensleep to Become New Media Company Aggregating Branded Sports Content for
PR Newswire via EarthTimes
Adobe Partners with Telnore, to Deliver Mobile Content Services
Web Site Host Directory
CBS Mobile, Verizon Wireless and MediaFLO USA Team Up to Stream Footage
PR Newswire via CNN Money
Money Talks News Joins Voxant's to Syndicate Video Advice
PR Newswire
Decades of Historic NBC News Archives Released in HotChalk's Digital Learning Environment
PR Newswire
Reprints Desk to Deliver Articles from Oxford Journals

Products, Markets & People
Capital IQ Doubles Client Base to 2,000 in Two Years; Expanding Business Globally
PR Newswire via CNN Money Features Podcasts, Audio Content and Audio Ads in Environment and Water Sector
PR Minds
Authentidate's Inscrybe Office to Bring Trusted Document Exchange to Enterprises and Mass Market
PR Newswire viaCNN Money
User-Generated Content Appears in National TV Ad Campaign for on Travel Channel
Management Shuffle at Facebook
All Things Digital
Kohler Web Site Next-Generation Video Player Offers a Wealth of Product Information and Design Ideas
PR Newswire via EarthTimes
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