Friday, August 17, 2007

Headlines for 17 August 2007

Technorati Founder Resigns as CEO
WSJ Online*
Lawsuit Challenges Google’s Keyword Ads
The New York Times*
Dow Jones could pay more to refinance debt
Reuters via The Hollywood Rptr
TripAdvisor drops $3 million for a Facebook application
Download Squad
Wikipedia and the art of censorship
The Independent
Consulting firm pays $300K for illegally using copyrighted content
FAST realigns after operational failures
Why Twitter will change the way business communicates (again).
Google helps LA Times redefine 'defensive'
Opening up the Social Network Graph
O'Reilly Radar
Chicago Tribune Narrowing Pages
AP via Yahoo! Finance
Ebooks and Text Adventures Come to the iPhone
Wired Blog Net

Best Practices
What Is the Return on Your Investment in Social Media?
The Blog Herald
Copyright is Not a Right
P2P Foundation
Google Penalization: Text Links, Redirects Not Likely Causes
Robin Good
RSS feeds begin to bleed into enterprise applications
Fading away: The problem of digital sustainability

Cool Tools
Trueveo - The Most Relevant Video Search Engine That Indexes All Video Clips
Digital Inspiration

Deals, Partnerships and Sales

Adobe Partners with Telnore, to Deliver Mobile Content Services
Web Site Host Directory
CBS Mobile, Verizon Wireless and MediaFLO USA Team Up to Stream Footage
PR Newswire via CNN Money
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