Friday, September 28, 2007

Alacra's Research Recap Blog Builds the PR Conversation for Research

The Alacra Store sells a wide variety of high-grade research reports targeted at business information consumers across a wide variety of business sectors, but like many premium content plays it's not always easy to get people enthused about new research offerings. Some services market content proactively via telemarketing forces and push out traditional press releases to beat the drum for new premium reports, but with their awareness and enthusiasm for Web 2.0 technologies it's not surprising that Alacra opted to launch Research Recap, a weblog highlighting recent additions of reports to the Alacra Store. Research Recap is based on standard WordPress weblogging technology and features some of the nicer capabilities of that service, including a handy tag cloud that helps people see what research topics are hot, category-based navigation and RSS feeds.

The feed is particularly important for analysts and business intelligence professionals who want to get tuned into the latest research as efficiently as possible: instead of having to slog through
press release feeds with lots of unrelated topics or deal with search engine alerts filters that can find documents but not necessarily recommend the most significant content a weblog of editorial recommendations can focus potential buyers on the content that's not only pertinent but also provide insights into the content in an editorial style that is more engaging than your usual report abstract. It turns newsworthy research into news right away, rather than having to wait for a journalist to get a press release packaged into a more readable format with an editorial voice. You may not sell premium research every one who reads a summary (2/3 of Research Recap reports profiled are free) but by packaging the summary as a highly readable blog you establish a conversation with your markets that's more likely to result in research getting the context that will lead to more report sales. We've been doing the same for quite a few years, so it's a positive development to see a company like Alacra putting their beliefs and talents on the line to build both great newsworthy content and better sales channels.
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