Friday, September 14, 2007

Headlines for 14 September 2007

New Net taxes could arrive in November
Wikipedia: 2-million articles and counting
Download Squad
Thomson-Reuters Deal to Spark Race
WSJ Online*
Google as and Election Portal, With a Twist
The New York Times*
Yahoo's Presidential 'Mashup Debate' Won't Support Mashups
Wired News
Brightcove Ends Development Of Video Portal To Focus On Publishing Services
Google offers $30 million for robotic rover on the Moon
Times Online
Google promises to lead crusade for international privacy rules
Canadian Press
Does Facebook's privacy policy stack up?
Times Online
Bloggers Make Jump to TV Shows — But Should They?
Is the iPod (gasp) Doomed?
Reuters MediaFile
Were Techmeme and Sphere too greedy?
Mathew Ingram
How law enforcement uses Google Earth
Reed Elsevier's Feel-Good Friday

Best Practices
Taming the World of Unstructured Data
DM Review
Organizing The World’s Push Content: The iGoogle Ecosystem
Search Engine Land
How to Optimize for Yahoo!

Cool Tools
WhoDoes: Online Collaboration for Project Managers
Yahoo Invites Us Into Mash, Its New Social Network
Not all that Wired about it: Communication technology gets the short end at NextFest
USC Annenberg OJR
Google Presently Set For Launch Next Week
Read/Write Web

Deals, Partnerships and Sales
Yahoo Buys BuzzTracker
Houston Chronicle
Tubes Adds Diggnation, ScobleShow, Rocketboom and Other Content to Tubes Hub
Yahoo enters exclusive ad deal with Bebo
BtoB Online

Products, Markets & People
Nstein Technologies announces clarification of previous press releases
CNW Group
Google launches array of India-specific Internet services
IndUS Business Journal
SixApart Has A New CEO, Chairman
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