Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Headline Summary for 30 October 2007

In a world in which social media's power has become as ubiquitous...
Online Citizen Journalism Now Undeniably Mainstream
Read/Write Web
California Wildfire Coverage by Local Media, Blogs, Twitter, Maps and More

As its hype...
Second Life continues to soak up the media's attention

Has Silicon Valley lost interest in anything except the funding race...?
The Web 2.0 World is Skunk Drunk on Its Own Kool-Aid
Micro Persuasion
Microsoft invests $240 million in Facebook
AP via CNN
Why Private-Equity Firms Are Suddenly Smitten With Digital
After Succeeding, Young Tycoons Try, Try Again
The New York Times

While slow-to-move media companies accelerate their efforts to provide more openness...
Yahoo opening up home page to outside sources
Mercury News Tries To Catch Up, After Being In the Perpetually Poised Position For Social Media
First Look: Hulu Combines Ease of Use, Content, Advertising

Google readies a new social media platform to embed its content and applications everywhere....
Google’s Response to Facebook: "Maka-Maka"

Media CEOs vie for best underperformance excuses...
Time Warner shares rise on CEO exit speculation
CE-Oh no he didn't! Part XLVII: NBC Universal chief says Apple "destroyed" music pricing

Or come up with new ones in the making...
Hearst pays $317 million for MediaNews stake
In Canada, a New Newspaper Faces Off Against a Well-Established Family
The New York Times

As Washington rattles sabers more loudly on leveling the online playing field for content delivery...
Senators Threatening Telcos With Probe Over Net Neutrality
Senate passes Internet tax moratorium extension: 7 more years tax-free
Ars Technica
Coming next week: A tax on your e-mail?
FCC member requests formal inquiry into News Corp.-Dow Jones deal
BtoB Online

European regulators manage to open up Microsoft's platforms for more content and application access...
Microsoft to EU: You win, we'll change
Download Squad

Memo to publishers: it's not nice to try to make Google's organic search results sponsored content...
Yes, Google Admits Torching Your PageRank
Web Pro News

Hmm, a slowly dying distribution idea for a slowly dying distribution idea...?
Maghound: a Netflix for Magazines?

Kinda makes you realize why all of those TV ads for love life products try so hard to get our attention...
Loving the Internet Survey: 24% of Americans say the Internet could replace a partner for a while

In other major trends in content this week...
OCA To Scan Orphan Works; Publishers Float Orphan Works Solution
Library Journal
TheStreet.com Steers A Long, Bumpy Road
IBD via CNN Money
ManiaTV Cancels User-Generated Content
Yahoo’s China Syndrome: Alibaba IPO Lifts YHOO
Why Facebook employees are profiling users
Best Practices
The Google Page Rank Pendulum Swings…. Again
Rich Media, Social Networks, Dynamic Content, and On-Demand
CMS Wire
Copyright Wars and Higher Education
The Cornell Daily Sun
Microsoft blocks FairUse4WM v2 after 3 months of DRM free music
ZDNet Blogs
Social Media Demographics Defined - Marketing to the Users Generating the Content
Mr. Know-It-All: Medical Blogging, Facebook Hustling, Email Policing
Wired Magazine

Cool Tools
iMooch: Social Networking Meets Content Marketplace
Terabyte nanotech thumb drives around the corner?
Mindtouch rising in the open-source wiki market
CNET Blogs
WikiPediaVision: Watch Realtime Wikipedia Edits
O'Reilly Radar
Skype and 3 announce Skype Mobile phone
Download Squad
News Flows, Consciousness Streams: The Headwaters of a River of Words
The New York Times
Search Aggregated Social Media Networks And Selected Content Sources With Lijit
Robin Good
Bridgestone shows off ultrathin, full-color e-paper

Deals, Partnerships & Sales

Agence France-Presse Signs With Teletrax for Global Analysis of Video News Content Usage
PR Newswire via CNN Money
Gannett to Join Tribune and Partner on National Network of Local Entertainment Sites
PR Newswire
Wiley-Blackwell Journals Contribute To Council Of Science Editor's Global Theme Issue
Medical News Today
Tribune to Sell Two Papers In Connecticut to Hearst
WSJ Online*
National Geographic and MetaCarta Introduce CartaLens Geospatial DAM Solution
INSAR and Wiley-Blackwell to Publish Autism Research
Trading Markets

Products, Markets & People
Another Yahoo Exec Departs
All Things DIgital
MySpace exec gets the heave-ho
Mansueto Launches Business Social Networking Site IncBizNet
FOLIO: Magazine
AviationWeek.com Launches Vertical Search Engine for the Aerospace & Defense Industry
PR Newswire via CNN Money
Acxiom board approves repurchase of up to $75M in stock over the next year
Thomson Financial/CNN
ScienceDirect Maximizes Research Capabilities, Enhances the Research Process
PR Newswire
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