Sunday, October 14, 2007

Headlines for 14 October 2007

Google Shows Vulnerability After Losing Time Deal
Bloomberg News
Future may be murky for Yahoo and newspaper alliance
New York Times Puts Reader Comments on Main Page - Good Idea?
Read/Write Web
Supply Side Economics Fail Music Industry Again
Wiley: publishers must push e-books
Google Gives Some Hints About Social Network Plan
Bits - The New York Times
Hundt takes on wireless 'cartels'
Mercury News/ Content Agenda
Duty to buy a newspaper? Email This Entry
Yahoo! Recycles Old Content From SmartMoney, Offends Realtors
Realty Times
Open Access, But Who Really Pays?
The Harvard Crimson-Opinion
Why Facebook s**ks
Dave Winer
Top Blogs On Google Reader
Wolters Kluwer opens lobby shop in Washington
Media Marketing & Media
BusinessWeek - Imitating the Web, for the Busy Reader
The New York Times

Best Practices
Interview: Henry Copeland, CEO, Founder of BlogAds: To Make Money At Blogging, Rein In Comments
Web 2.0 Economics 101
Micro Persuasion
The viral boomerang of content and information
Internet Marketing for Novel Writers
Read/Write Web

Cool Tools
GOOG-411 graduates from Labs
Google Blog

Deals, Partnerships and Sales
Wall Street Firms Buy $180 Million Stake in TradeWeb
Bloomberg News

Products, Markets & People
WallStreet Direct, Inc. Signs Publishing Agreement with Vibrant Media for Online Video Advertising
PR Newswire via CNN Money
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