Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Headline Summary for 7 November 2007

In a week of big announcements give the first nod to a tool that turns any Web site into a social media platform...
Details Revealed: Google OpenSocial To Launch Thursday
MySpace, Bebo, and SixApart Adopt Now-Formidable OpenSocial
Wired Epicenter
Apps Already Coming for Google's New OpenSocial
PC World
MuseStorm Announces Gadget Based on New OpenSocial APIs
PR Newswire
Why Facebook Shouldn't Fear OpenSocial
Read/Write Web
OpenSocial Hacked In Minutes
Center Networks

Followed by a platform that could change how we pay for content on mobile devices and replace PCs...
Google Enters the Wireless World
The New York Times
Google to unveil 'Android' phone software
Google Talks Up GPhone to Verizon
PC Magazine
Advertising Will Set Mobile Free
Wireless Week
PCs being pushed aside in Japan

The runner-up? A platform that is perfectly aimed at what Facebook was a year ago...
Yahoo! Kickstart: LinkedIn for college students and alumni
Download Squad

Memo to CEO Tom Curley: AP has a great legacy, but it's time to move past a centuries-old distribution model...
AP's Curley: We Have Come to a 'Fork in the Road'
Editor & Publisher
AP Is Dead ... Killed By Blogs & Aggregation
Web Pro News

Quality news still draws audiences thanks to social media links - an idea that news sites are finally adopting...
Traffic Jam: Users at Newspaper Sites Still On Rise
Editor & Publisher
The New York Times Tries Bookmarking Links
The New York Times

When mass media no longer controls how money flows to those seeking power does it really have power...?
Schooled: Ron Paul Raises Record Sums for His Campaign Using Advanced Social Media Techniques

Murdoch's plan for Dow Jones will leverage his ability to manage brands globally...
Murdoch’s WSJ Already Going Global
Reuters MediaFile

As old promises of synergies between old and new media begin to fade the winners start to shed the losers...
Parsons Out, Bewkes In - Talk of Time Inc. Spinoff May Intensify
FOLIO: Magazine
Hoping to Grow, Diller Prunes Empire
WSJ Online
IAC Split: Interview: Doug Lebda, COO, IAC

And gear up to buy more winners...
AOL Purchases Ad Company Quigo For $300 Million

Facebook may not look like much in the short run but in the long run it could be the universal social inbox...
Am I Really Worth $300 as a Facebook User?

The Hulu hubbub has already died down as people realize that it's and old TV model in a new medium...
Hulu to Threaten Cable TV, Not YouTube

Then again, a lot of media companies seem to like the idea of old models...
Yahoo: 'IP Rules'
Internet News
eBooks making same mistakes as music industry
PC Pro

While others seem to have done just fine with new models...
Google Search Has 90% Market Share in France - Could This Happen Worldwide?
Read/Write Web
The Era of Bottom-Up Brands: Google is Changing the Rules By Which Brands Win Consumer Loyalty
WSJ Online*

The long tail eats up everything but the lowest of common denominators for mass market content...
What exactly is Britney Spears trying to tell us?
LA Times

In other major trends in content this week...
Thomson, Reuters Request 10-Day Extension for European Regulator to Review Acquisition
Candian Business
First WGA New York strike targets: media giants
The Hollywood Reporter
EU cracks down on fake blogger astroturfing
The Register
Oregon Attorney General Says No to RIAA; Files Motion to Quash on Behalf of University of Oregon
Recording Industry/ People
Thanks to BitTorrrent, Net neutrality debate reignites
Do-not-track lists to shield Net surfers
'Newsweek' to Cut 500,000 From Rate Base
Ad Age
Driving Traffic Online: Social Networking
FOLIO: Magazine

Best Practices
Pay Per Click Is Popular, But Results Vary
Africa: ICT/Web No Longer Luxury for Citizens
The Peer To Peer Manifesto: The Emergence of P2P Civilization and Political Economy
Robin Good
A Social Networking Website for Writers
Create Online Databases, Social Lists And Custom Interactive Atlases With Listphile
Robin Good
$199 gOS PC: Where Computers Are Headed?
‘Fair Use’ guidelines for video remixes
A Brief History of the Book
Global Politician
Canadian Government Study Finds P2P Downloaders Buy More Music
Michael Geist
Well paid at The Wall Street Journal
Reuters MediaFile
Hitwise offers reports on new and returning visitors
BtoB Online

Cool Tools
Some might say Thoof can read minds
Austin Statesman
Retrofuturist builds "steampunk" laptop
Sneak Peek: Seekler Community List-Building
A Cloudbook on the Horizon
The New York Times

Deals, Partnerships & Sales

Best Buy Launches Mydeo-Powered User-Gen Video Portal; Takes Minority Stake Acquires Financial Info Sites BankingMyWay and RateWatch for $25 Million
Comtex Adds Online Video News Content With Multimedia ClipSyndicate News Products
PR Newswire via CNN Money
Internap Selects Pando Networks as P2P Co-Development Partner
PR Newswire via CNN Money
IAC Diller:Inked $3.5 Billion Deal With Google For Sponsored Listings
Dow Jones via CNN Money
Reuters buys Australian power and gas markets information provider
Thomson Fin. via Hemscott Adds HealthiNation Video Content to Answer Engine(TM)
PR Newswire via CNN Money
PodShow to Create 'Searchertainment' - Selects blinkx to Power Breakthrough Rich Media Search
PR Newswire
The Nielsen Company to Participate in Forbes Leadership Networks
Generate Signs Three Leading Publishers to Deploy gClick Technology
PR Newswire
Fair Isaac, Think Partnership join forces on new ad marketplace
BtoB Online

Products, Markets & People
I, Robot: The Man Behind the Google Phone
The New York Times
LexisNexis to lay off local employees, send work overseas
Dayton Business Journal
AOL takes Truveo online video search international
Download Squad
Wolters Network Now Includes SEC Comment Letters
Metropolitan Corp. Counsel
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