Monday, November 12, 2007

Headlines for 12 November 2007

Google to acquire Sprint Nextel for Mobile WiMax?
IBM Predicts the End of Advertising as We Know It
FCC Moves to Place Restrictions on Cable TV
Washington Post
Google turns to X Factor's Fuller for push into TV
The Guardian
New Facebook Ad Techniques Raise Privacy Concerns
PC World
Facebook SocialAds - the missing feature
Deborah Schultz
Portals Think Small for the Latest News
WSJ Online*
Why Are Founders and Execs Leaving Second Tier Social Networks?
McClatchy on review for downgrade on declining advertising revenue - Moody's
Thomson Financial/ CNN
NY Daily News Joins Yahoo Newspaper Consortium; Wants HotJobs Hookup
rssHugger Avoiding Technorati’s Pitfalls?
NBC Direct launches: NBC's kind of lame video download service
Download Squad
What WebMD Can Teach Brands
Content is Dead, Community is King?
Search Engine Watch
STM publishers and Online Ad Spending
Really Simple Sidi
John Markoff is Kicking Your Butt on Facebook
DRM-Free Music Boosts Online Album Sales
PC World/ Macworld
Google Options Make Masseuse a Multimillionaire
The New York Times

Best Practices
How Can Open Source Software Open Up Facebook?
Implicit Web: a brief introduction
ZDNet Blogs
Wikipedia: University study explores content, editing
Shakopee Valley News
Survey: Users Trust Information On Social Networks Strongly
Web Pro News
The nautilus: where - and how - Open Access publishing will actually work
The Scientist

Cool Tools
Social Networking Meets Video Microblogging On Seesmic Upcoming Platform
Robin Good
Google Android SDK is Live: Video Demo from Google
Jango Pumps Up the Social Radio Volume
eCommerce Times

Deals, Partnerships and Sales
AOL Acquires Israeli Social Search Start-Up Yedda
IBM to buy Cognos for $5 billion
Blogging Stocks
ProQuest and Gale Reach Agreement
eContent Magazine
Forbes acquires Clipmarks, creates network of sites
BtoB Online

Products, Markets & People
Baidu Debuts a Financial Information Service
Voxant, the Media Network, Extends Advertising Reach
World's First Travel Bookmarking Site Launches
PR Urgent
Attributor Launches Online Content Tracking Subscription Service
Information Week
Wolters CEO not in market for major new deal
AOL Uploads Tacoda's Morgan
Silicon Alley Insider
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