Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Headline Summary for 28 November 2007

Social media is becoming an irresistible force drawing together media and enterprise content markets for professionals...
Source: Yes, LinkedIn and News Corp. are working on a deal
Venture Beat
OpenSocial Has Been Good To Plaxo
Widgets make a big splash on the Net
USA Today

Memo to just about everyone: in a Google-shaped world is any business model safe...?
Yes, Google Is Trying To Take Over the World
Google Magazine?
The Google Set-Top Box (Think Android For TV)
Google Plans Service to Store Users' Data
WSJ Online*
Google and Other People's Content
Google U.S. Web search share jumps to 58.5 pct

Facebook's surge in attention doesn't mean that it's totally tuned in to what works in social media...
MySpace Chief: Facebook "Substantially More Entertaining"
Reuters MediaFile
Facebook Stealing Google Employees At An Alarming Rate
Facebook: We’re More Annoying than MySpace
Facebook faces UK data probe
The Register
The Problem with Facebook's "Beacon"
Web Pro News
Cory Doctorow: How Your Creepy Ex-Co-Workers Will Kill Facebook

Amazon's Kindle gets off to a quick start but is likely to hit a wall as its limitations become more apparent...
Kindle sells out in on Amazon in 5.5 hours
Amazon’s Kindle ebook not so kind to reading rights
P2P Foundation
eBook’s future isn’t ebooks: the makings of Apple’s tablet
5 Arguments For the Continued Viability of the Book
PC World
Tango Founder: Print Not Dead, But Going ‘Yearly’
FOLIO: Magazine

Ann Moore's Time Inc. plays hard to get at it tries to position itself as an online cash cow for its parent...
Time Inc. Bolsters Digital Brands

But Rupert Murdoch is focusing on developing the ability to reach far more contexts than traditional editorial output can create...
News Corp builds online ad network

Yahoo is tuning up more competent me-too Web offerings, while AOL focuses more on mobile messagers...
Yahoo! launches stealth beta of myM: A Meebo competitor?
Download Squad
Yahoo deal lets users upload, edit music; Catching up with Google is impetus for new video deal
Chronicle via Content Agenda
AOL launches mobile assault

Search engines that cannot adapt to delivering more specialized content are falling by the wayside...
Feedster Quietly Slips into the Dead Pool... So Which Blog Search Engine Do You Use?
Read/Write Web
Search 3.0: The Blended & Vertical Search Revolution
Search Engine Land

Slowly the music industry emerges from kicking and screaming at its customers to giving them what they want...
DRM-Free Classical Music: Deutsche Grammophon Launches Online MP3 Store
IPhone Must Be Offered Without Contract Restrictions, German Court Rules
The New York Times
Criticism of Cdn pro-P2P study was sponsored by recording industry

Good enough to use as a source of plagiarism, in any event...
Part of an Oil Book Relied on Wikipedia
The New York Times

One month's darling gizmo becomes another month's source of frustration...
Browsing With iPhone Is Abject Faliure
Web Pro News

Deck the halls with boughs of...emails...?
CyberMonday: A Gimmick Becomes a Real Trend
The New York Times*

In other major trends in content this week...
Making Social Connections and Selling Cookies
The New York Times
SCImago: a new portal ranking journals and countries
Really Simple Sidi
Wolters Kluwer €175 Million Share Buy-back Program
ABN Newswire
Study: Web Will Slow by 2010, Video a Culprit
USA Today
Newspaper Advertising Fell 7.4% in Third Quarter
WSJ Online

Best Practices
Online Video Ad Model Mimics TV Sales Approach
Seth Godin's Meatball Sundae: How the Internet Changes Marketing
Web Pro News
Are You Sabotaging Your Social Stories?
Blogging Experiment
Wikis While You Work: Using Wikis in the enterprise requires a careful balance of freedom and control
The Rise Of Hyperlocal Information
Read/Write Web
European vs. American Texting Cultures
Books versus documents: what's wrong with so-called "e-books"
Ars Technica
An Important Lesson About Grassroots Media
Editor and Publisher
Digital Music Startups: Asking Permission vs. Begging Forgiveness
Losing the Journalistic Security Blanket
Could a Billion TinyURLs Go 404?
Micro Persuasion
Facebook To Drop 'Is' From Status Updates
Read/Write Web

Cool Tools
First Look: Amazon’s Kindle Reader: The Gap Between Description and The Device
Flux Adds Content Sharing And Embedding
Upload a Batch of Images to from the Desktop
Digital Inspiration
Screenshots And Details On Upcoming MySpace "News Feeds"
Live Documents to Challenge Microsoft Office, Google Apps
NBC Direct Sucked…Your PC Resources
SeeToo: Broadcast yourself. To one other person.
Download Squad
Google Maps goes wiki-style
Monsters & Critics
GPhone Pics! Open-Source 'Bug' Can Run Android
Silicon Valley Insider

Deals, Partnerships & Sales

SAGE and Hindawi announce landmark open access agreement
First Science
British Library Selects Apex CoVantage as Digitization Partner in Expanding the Repository of UK Pub
Sony Attracts Dubai Cash
WSJ Online*
Dow Jones Renews Longstanding Licensing Arrangement with Bloomberg
PR Newswire via CNN Money
ABC News, Facebook Partner for Political Content
All American Patriots
Enterprise Communication Solution integrates with Facebook.
Intuit Finally Buys Homestead for $170m
Read/Write Web
Lionbridge Launches CMS Alliance Program With Top Tier Content Management Partners
PR Newswire via CNN Money
blinkx Partners With to Bring Trusted Personal Finance Advice to Users Worldwide
IT News
Acxiom acquires MKTG Services
BtoB Online
Macrovision Buys Rights to Blu-ray Disc DRM Scheme
Daily Tech
The New York Public Library and Kaltura Team to Enhance Online Collaborative Rich Media

Products, Markets & People
Copyright Clearance Center Adds Blogs to its Licensing Programs
Ad-Hoc News
Reed Construction Chief To Advise Service Provider
PR Newswire via CNN Money
Elsevier Expands ScienceDirect College Edition
PR Newswire via IT News
Elsevier Announces Launch of 2collab, New Research 2.0 Platform
CNW Group
OCLC Enhances
Weekly News Digest
RightNow Focuses on Customer Outreach With Syndication Widget
CRM Buyer
ProQuest Introduces Marketing Toolkit for Academic Libraries
PR Newswire via EarthTimes
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