Sunday, November 4, 2007

Headlines for 3 November 2007

Google to unveil 'Android' phone software
AP's Curley: We Have Come to a 'Fork in the Road'
Editor & Publisher
AP Is Dead ... Killed By Blogs & Aggregation
Web Pro News
EU cracks down on fake blogger astroturfing
The Register
MySpace, Bebo, and SixApart Adopt Now-Formidable OpenSocial
Wired Epicenter
Apps Already Coming for Google's New OpenSocial
PC World
MuseStorm Announces Gadget Based on New OpenSocial APIs
PR Newswire
Why Facebook Shouldn't Fear OpenSocial
Read/Write Web
OpenSocial Hacked In Minutes
Center Networks
AOL Purchases Ad Company Quigo For $300 Million
Advertising Will Set Mobile Free
Wireless Week
What exactly is Britney Spears trying to tell us?
LA Times
Oregon Attorney General Says No to RIAA; Files Motion to Quash on Behalf of University of Oregon
Recording Industry/ People
Thanks to BitTorrrent, Net neutrality debate reignites
Murdoch’s WSJ Already Going Global
Reuters MediaFile
Advertisers, Only You Can Save Web 2.0
The New York Times Tries Bookmarking Links - You Know, Like the Web Has Been Doing for Years
The New York Times
'Newsweek' to Cut 500,000 From Rate Base
Ad Age

Best Practices
The Peer To Peer Manifesto: The Emergence of P2P Civilization and Political Economy
Robin Good
A Social Networking Website for Writers
‘Fair Use’ guidelines for video remixes
A Brief History of the Book
Global Politician
Canadian Government Study Finds P2P Downloaders Buy More Music
Michael Geist

Cool Tools
Some might say Thoof can read minds
Austin Statesman
Retrofuturist builds "steampunk" laptop

Deals, Partnerships and Sales Acquires Financial Info Sites BankingMyWay and RateWatch for $25 Million
Reuters buys Australian power and gas markets information provider
Thomson Fin. via Hemscott Adds HealthiNation Video Content to Answer Engine(TM)
PR Newswire via CNN Money

Products, Markets & People
I, Robot: The Man Behind the Google Phone
The New York Times
LexisNexis to lay off local employees, send work overseas
Dayton Business Journal
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