Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Headline Summary for 11 December 2007


As 2007 winds down the war for open Web access in mobile content is just starting to take off...
FCC poised to unlock cell phone user access
Mercury News via Content Agenda
Google versus the telecoms
Google officially announces wireless spectrum participation, but are they serious?
Download Squad
iPhone Delivers: Bigger Browsing Share Than Windows Mobile
Verizon gets behind Android, still iffy on Open Handset Alliance
Apple faces challenges with iPhone in Europe

Second-guessing Google is a major cottage industry, but in spite of weak product focus it continues to expand its markets...
Is Google Headed in the Wrong Direction?
Another Googler gone: Is Google's brain being drained?
Google to Enter Renewable Energy Business
Gmail Hearts AIM
Google Blog
DoubleClick Or Not, Google To Explore More Partnerships
Google nears DoubleClick OK
The Deal
Google Gets OK to Display Copyrighted Images
LA Times

But Google's greatest weakness remains failing to crack the social media marketplace effectively...
What Google hates and loves: Why Wikipedia is taking over search results
Is Google 'Wiki' Getting Whacked for Google 'Sites?'
PC Magazine
Google Experimenting With Digg Style Voting On Search Results
TechCrunch via OriginalSignal

After years of false starts and fortunes spent on online publishing major publishers are finally turning out engaging Web content...
Is CondéNet's Web Approach Paying Off?
WSJ Online*
The CNN/YouTube Republican Debate
Google Blog

Memo to Dow watchers: did you really expect that the status quo would last a second longer than Murdoch wanted it to...?
James Murdoch seen as News Corp heir
Wall St Journal's New Glossy to Go Global
Murdoch Said to Have Plan for Shake-Up at Dow Jones
The New York Times
The Exit Interview: WSJ Publisher Gordon Crovitz

With Reuters cozying up to Thomson and The New York Times Bloomberg gets ready for a broader media footprint...
Bloomberg LP gets LBO guy
Reuters MediaFile
Reuters and Intl Herald Tribune sign content deal
The Guardian

A leaner, meaner New York Times is thriving on open Web exposure and a more aggressive pursuit of global markets...
NYTimes Surges, Cnet Slumps
NY Times Announces Layoffs, Hiring Freeze
New York Observer

But the race to convert to profitable online outlets remains difficult for publishers tied to aging print platforms...
Newspaper Companies to See Declines in 2008
Editor & Publisher
ARL Report: Five Years to E-Journal Tipping Point?
Library Journal
B-to-b magazine revenue, ad pages down through August
BtoB Online
Once a Mainstay of Magazines, Cigarette Makers Are Dropping Print Ads
The New York Times
FCC Clears Tribune Co. Sale
AP via Yahoo! Finance

Facebook backlash increases but it's still the fastest growing online community for prosumer adults...
Facebook founder faces shareholder revolt
Facebook and The Myth Of Contextual Advertising
Read/Write Web
Serious Privacy Issues With Facebook’s Beacon
Media CEOs are Facebook and BlackBerry users

Placing pressure on business databases to become "must see" content...
LinkedIn Opens Site to Developers
The New York Times
Announcing LinkedIn News, Redesigned Homepage & more
LinkedIn Blog
Dun & Bradstreet Buys AllBusiness.com
AP via Houston Chronicle

Wikipedia wrestles with threats to its content quality and a broadening array of user-generated content communities...
Wikipedia: Where There’s Democracy, There’s Oligarchy
Wikipedia Moves Towards Creative Commons Licensing
Lessig Blog
Insightory Wants To Be Wikipedia For Management Knowledge
TechPresident, 10Questions Put Spotlight on 'Voter-Generated Content'

With social media becoming a mainstay of publishing, the winners will be those who blend the best professional and personal content...
The future of media
Silicon Republic
Pluck hooking up media outlets with social networks
The Globe and Mail
Jaron Lanier: Pay me for my content - When will Web's wealth reach creative people's doors?
Dallas Morning News

For the losers, well, there's always eBay...
Another Startup Lists on eBay

If you think that it's been interesting online so far, what happens when "Google" is the first English word for billions of people...?
One Laptop Per Child orders surge
The Boston Globe

In other major trends in content this week...
EU Online Copyright Bill Coming; Publishers Debate DRMs
IP Watch
Adobe, Yahoo test running ads inside PDF documents
Bloomberg Seeks Less Info Control in China
AP via Google
Amazon Askville to take on Yahoo Answers
NASA Site Seeks to Draw the MySpace Crowd
The New York Times
Dow Jones May Sell Community Newspapers
AP via Motley Fool
EU pushes for open access research
Lots of Little Screens: TV Is Changing Shape
The New York Times
Nokia in Free Music Pact With Universal
Reuters via The New York Times

Best Practices
Business Lessons from Kiva
Read/Write Web
6 Reasons I’m Not Hooked on Podcasts
Making Money In The Long Tail: Dream Or Opportunity?
Robin Good
MSN Search Fights Duplicate Content
Web Pro News
Nokia Study: 25 Percent of Entertainment in 2012 Will Be Created by Peer Groups
New corporate "Blog Council" misses the point of blogging
Ars Technica
Where’s the Content? - Positioning Ads on Your Blog
Social Websites As Games - How to Win at Digg, YouTube, Facebook
Read/Write Web
Google Smart Pricing: What Is It And Why It May Affect Your AdSense Earnings
Robin Good
Effective Search Engine Optimization Means Harnessing Social Media
Web Pro News
YouTube as a Source of Information on Immunization: A Content Analysis
Journal of the AMA
Extreme Democracy - When Wikis Inform Legislation
New Assignment.net
Revamping the Story Flow for Journalists
Stealing eBooks with Amazon Kindle Is as Easy as Stealing Music
Marketing Vox News
Content Cash in India
New India Press
Friending, Ancient or Otherwise
The New York Times
Creating a Niche eBook in a Weekend Using Off-line Resources
Best Syndication
Social Media Releases & Meatball Sundaes
Web Pro News
The Launch Dilemma: Print or Digital First?
FOLIO: Magazine
Study: More Than 60% Don't Trust Campaign Coverage
Editor & Publisher

Cool Tools
Cellfish Provides Mobile Media Conversion With AddToPhone
Yahoo! concocts a spicier new version of Widgets and Konfabulator
Download Squad
Plaxo adds Windows Mobile calendar and contacts sync
WetPaint White Labels For Businesses And Brands
ICQ Founders Roll Out Alpha Version of Online TV Platform
Eurekster Officially Launches Custom Search Swickis
Alfresco Mashes Up Content Management, Social Computing
Microsoft Challenges the iPod (Again)
The New York Times
Google Reader Now Recommends Feeds
Micro Persuasion
Google's My Location: A Peek at Location on Android
O'Reilly Radar
AT&T CEO outs 3G iPhone: "You'll have it next year"

Deals, Partnerships & Sales

MuseGlobal's Integration and Mark Logic Work Together as Ultimate Content Management System
Formtek and Alfresco Partner to Introduce Open Source Enterprise Content Management
LexisNexis Names Doug Kaplan CEO for Asia Pacific Region
Endeca Teams with EntropySoft on Data Integration and Platform Development
PR Newswire via Ad Hoc News
Copyright Clearance Center Integrates Licensing Services with HighWire Press
Reed Construction Data Acquires Tectonic Partners Inc.
PR Newswire via CNN Money
Universal offers free music for revenue from promotions viewed on Imeem.com.
LA Times via Content Agenda
TomTom, Google team up on business information
Reuters via CNET
Gemstar-TV Guide Sold for $2.8 Billion
FOLIO: Magazine
Social-networking company Visible Path to be acquired
Hearst-Argyle Television and Google Strike AdWords Reseller Agreement
PR Newswire via CNN Money
InsideView Buys TrueAdvantage
Private Equity Hub
Dell To Sell Google Enterprise Search Products
CNN Money

Products, Markets & People
Forbes Launches Online Advertising Network
FOLIO: Magazine
Thomson Scientific Launches Innovation for IP Research and Analysis
Information Today
TheMarkets.com Launches Enhanced Version of Broker Voting Platform, MeritMark
PR Newswire
ALM’s Law.com and Law Technology News Launch Law Technology Now Podcast
Latest Yahoo Org Changes: Scott Moore Adds Entertainment, Broady Out; LMC Splitting Up
Digg adds images, new categories
Download Squad
Wiley Puts 2000 Titles Online
Book Standard
Google launches AdWords Local PlusBox
BtoB Online
Thomson Scientific Debuting Intellectual Property Research and Analysis Tool
Library Journal
Cambridge to Launch Ebooks Collections
PR Newswire via EarthTimes.org
SixApart Unloads LiveJournal on Russian Media Company SUP
EntreWiki Launched - a new Web 2.0 Directory of Business Ideas and Opportunities
Variety Publisher Koonves to Step Down
IBM Updates Free Enterprise Search Tool
PC World
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