Monday, December 3, 2007

Headlines for 3 December 2007

Lots of Little Screens: TV Is Changing Shape
The New York Times
FCC Clears Tribune Co. Sale
AP via Yahoo! Finance
Google nears DoubleClick OK
The Deal
Google versus the telecoms
Google officially announces wireless spectrum participation, but are they serious?
Download Squad
Jaron Lanier: Pay me for my content - When will Web's wealth reach creative people's doors?
Dallas Morning News
Serious Privacy Issues With Facebook’s Beacon
Wikipedia Moves Towards Creative Commons Licensing
Lessig Blog
One Laptop Per Child orders surge
The Boston Globe
Insightory Wants To Be Wikipedia For Management Knowledge
What Google hates and loves: Why Wikipedia is taking over search results
Media CEOs are Facebook and BlackBerry users
B-to-b magazine revenue, ad pages down through August
BtoB Online

Best Practices
Making Money In The Long Tail: Dream Or Opportunity?
Robin Good
MSN Search Fights Duplicate Content
Web Pro News
Content Cash in India
New India Press
Friending, Ancient or Otherwise
The New York Times
Creating a Niche eBook in a Weekend Using Off-line Resources
Best Syndication

Cool Tools
Google Reader Now Recommends Feeds
Micro Persuasion
Google's My Location: A Peek at Location on Android
O'Reilly Radar

Deals, Partnerships and Sales
Formtek and Alfresco Partner to Introduce Open Source Enterprise Content Management
LexisNexis Names Doug Kaplan CEO for Asia Pacific Region
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