Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Headlines for 4 December 2007

Google Gets OK to Display Copyrighted Images
LA Times
Is Google 'Wiki' Getting Whacked for Google 'Sites?'
PC Magazine
DoubleClick Or Not, Google To Explore More Partnerships
Facebook and The Myth Of Contextual Advertising
Read/Write Web
iPhone Delivers: Bigger Browsing Share Than Windows Mobile
Verizon gets behind Android, still iffy on Open Handset Alliance
Wikipedia: Where There’s Democracy, There’s Oligarchy
Amazon Askville to take on Yahoo Answers
Gmail <3 AIM: AOL Instant Messaging Acessible via Gmail Messaging
Google Blog
Newspaper Companies to See Declines in 2008
Editor & Publisher
Nokia in Free Music Pact With Universal
Reuters via The New York Times
NASA Site Seeks to Draw the MySpace Crowd
The New York Times

Best Practices
Nokia Study: 25 Percent of Entertainment in 2012 Will Be Created by Peer Groups
Google Smart Pricing: What Is It And Why It May Affect Your AdSense Earnings

Robin Good
Effective Search Engine Optimization Means Harnessing Social Media
Web Pro News
YouTube as a Source of Information on Immunization: A Content Analysis
Journal of the AMA
Extreme Democracy - When Wikis Inform Legislation
New Assignment.net
Revamping the Story Flow for Journalists
Stealing eBooks with Amazon Kindle Is as Easy as Stealing Music
Marketing Vox News

Cool Tools
Eurekster Officially Launches Custom Search Swickis
Alfresco Mashes Up Content Management, Social Computing

Deals, Partnerships and Sales
Endeca Teams with EntropySoft on Data Integration and Platform Development
PR Newswire via Ad Hoc News
Copyright Clearance Center Integrates Licensing Services with HighWire Press
Social-networking company Visible Path to be acquired

Products, Markets & People
Digg adds images, new categories
Download Squad
Wiley Puts 2000 Titles Online
Book Standard
Google launches AdWords Local PlusBox
BtoB Online
Thomson Scientific Debuting Intellectual Property Research and Analysis Tool
Library Journal
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