Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Headlines for 01/16/2008

We're going to be trying a new format for headlines this year, your feedback as we experiment with this new style will be greatly appreciated. We have quite a few in today's batch, expect fewer headlines with more commentary as we move forward.

Facebook buying Plaxo?: VentureBeat

  • Earlier rumors seem to be solidifying, more on ContentBlogger in a bit. It's a logical match.

FCC Approves Google For Wireless Auction: WebProNews

  • The event that just might change everything that we've assumed about both Web content and telecommunications.

AP Sues AHN Media For Copyright Infringement: paidContent.org

  • Same M.O. as Moreover/Verisign suit: target companies who are trying to extract premium revenues.

2008 - The rise of social media 'super advocates': Netimperative

  • New report from Experian - I think that the concept is spot on, and will keep people busy in 2008 and beyond.

Candidates Rethink Web Strategy: AdWeek

  • This is the year in which candidates have struggled to influence conversational content on the Web, as their messages compete not only for broadcast bandwidth but also online attention bandwidth. Doing online right is still not the key fulcrum to a success .

Trying to fine-tune Yahoo: NYTimes via CNET News

  • Yahoo is beginning to find a "bottom" of sorts, at least in terms of its oftentimes negative publicity and shifting management structure. It's becoming the brand destination of choice, the usability champion and in general is filling the role of best general online aggregator. But they will need to find more content applications that are segment leaders to build more growth.

Bloggers Bring in Ad Revenue: WSJ Online (subscription)

  • It's not just weblogs, just about anyone with a little motivation can build valuable content that can generate ad revenues. Publishers need to look at aggregating social media more effectively.

Thomson-Reuters Deal to Complete in Q2: AP via Topix

  • The U.S. regulators are pushing to complete in the same timeframe as the EU. A done deal, but in a rapidly decaying financial marketplace will the deal turn out to be a longer-term investment than anticipated originally?

Samsung trademarks "SyncPaper" -- e-book reader on the way?: Engadget

  • The name has the concept right, at least. The eBook battle is far from over.

American Marketing Association releases new definition of marketing: BtoB Magazine

  • “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” Sounds an awful lot like our definition of content...

ProQuest Announces Aggregated Full-Text Database for Libraries: Information Today

  • ProQuest solidifes its position as the all-purpose default licensed content sources for the library set.

Open access publishing takes off in India: Indian Muslims

  • Given India's level of innovation growth, the potential for open access publications powering that growth is a potentially ominous sign for traditional publishers.

The flow of information at the Googleplex: Official Google Blog

  • Interesting demo of how Google's prediction technology can work. Is Google headed towards analysing many different kinds of trends with this technology - including financial markets?

Macworld2008 - Steve Jobs keynote speech leaked?: Pocket-lint.co.uk

  • Wikipedia has been an increasingly important force in breaking news, but now news leaks enter the fray. Appropriate when you come to think of it, it's a free-for-all in terms of publishing and the editing community can verify at will. A handy thing for the person wanting to leak anonymously when the essential content is valid but unconfirmable.

EU launches new Microsoft probes: BBC News

  • Old battle, new chapter - coming at a very bad time for Redmond. You'd think that Microsoft would have detached IE from its OS a long time ago, but unfortunately Vista is the by-product of a strategy that may no longer fit the realities of what Microsoft needs to accomplish to service the content industry effectively.

myExperiment: "myExperiment makes it really easy to find, use and share scientific workflows and other research objects, and to build communities."

  • A really interesting social media workflow tool, will be investigating this further.

Thomson Scientific Launches Journal Citation Forum Dedicated to Discussion About Citation-Based Research Evaluation: BusinessWire

  • This is a very positive development, aggregators need to start creating conversations about their markets about where and how citation-based research can benefit from new approaches to peer-reviewed content.

Nature Publishing Group and Sermo Partner to Help Physicians Access, Interpret, and Contribute to Current Medical Research: Business Wire

  • Sermo is a very interesting closed community of practicing physicians sharing information and insights, this makes for a very interesting marriage of content and community. We'll be watching this.
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