Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Headlines for 01/17/2008

Steve Jobs: "People Don't Read Anymore," Android Is Going Down - Gizmodo

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  • Typical Jobs psych-out chatter, the truth is that Jobs wants to push away more open solutions so that Apple can be the new "choke point" for controlling and producing media. - post by jblossom

Will Silicon Valley Deals Kick Into Overdrive? -

tags: trends

  • It's all about effective content service solutions as I.T. vendors try to provide a higher level of content integration. - post by jblossom

Borders to break free of Amazon - Reuters via CNET

tags: trends

  • Borders finally sees that personalizing customer service is the key to its future and that online services are critical to its success. - post by jblossom

What Does the Future of the Newspaper Look Like? - WebProNews

tags: trends

  • Newspapers still not getting it - again. When are they going to see the light and become the aggregators of record for community content? - post by jblossom

Nature makes genome chain officially free - Information World Review

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  • Nature is on a tear with its application of online media best practices. Already under creative commons licensing the genome data is a great example of how freely available data can enhance a title's audience engagement. - post by jblossom

White paper - distributed influence: quantifying the impact of social media - Technobabble 2.0

tags: best_practices

  • A very, very important study on how to measure influence via social media. - post by jblossom

Islamweb wins World Summit Award 2007 - The Open Press

tags: best_practices

  • Just a reminder that some of the most interesting innovations in online publishing are out of the Western spotlight oftentimes. - post by jblossom

Even in the "DRM" debate, Content is not King. - Enterprise Insights

tags: best_practices

  • Interesting take on DRM, basically saying that music labels going non-DRM on non-Apple platforms is unfair. See links to Apple news above as Apple tries to trump distribution channels. - post by jblossom

Data Portability explained in video - Download Squad

tags: best_practices

  • Web 2.0 is discovering the value of interoperability and data standards, which promises to make for a powerful combination. Nifty video. - post by jblossom

Hanlin's V9 e-book reader with 9.7-inch e-ink display previewed - Engadget

tags: cool_tools

  • Finally an eBook reader with eInk that's about the size of a real book page. But at USD 600 a pop it's likely to be yet another exotic toy. - post by jblossom

Shake-Up at EMI Clouds Future of Its Artists - New York Times

tags: people

  • Pretty snarky politics in the EMI reorg:

    "Artist managers, including a group referring to themselves as the Black Hand Gang, after the similarly named pre-World War I Serbian nationalists, are angry."

    Hmm, not a good sign when your staff identifies with gangs. No wonder the music industry's in trouble. - post by jblossom debuts redesign with emphasis on video programming - BtoB Magazine

tags: products

  • CNN goes with its strong card to develop CNN Money, but the real power is in how it blends content from other TW assets. Still, captive brands like this are not going to grow as quickly as aggregated financial services. - post by jblossom

Elsevier Acquires MEDai, Leading Provider of Healthcare Predictive Analytics and Data Mining Solutions - Press Release

tags: products

  • Another great example of how mining unstructured content and applying semantic technologies are transforming enterprise content services. - post by jblossom

Informa surges as broker rates stock top 2008 play - International Herald Tribune

tags: products

  • Kudoa to Informa for a well-deserved stock rating, its mix of events, research and publications features the high-value return on investment that professionals are looking for from B2B media services. - post by jblossom

FitchResearch Debuts Next Generation Search Experience for Credit Ratings Information - Press Release

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  • Fitch has always been a leader in online design for credit ratings research, but this may be small comfort as structured finance takes it on the chin. - post by jblossom
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