Friday, January 18, 2008

Headlines for 01/18/2008

Media Biz Recession fears hit media stocks hard - CNN Money

tags: trends

  • With a presidential campaign year ahead cable TV ads are likely to be strong, offsetting general media weakness. - post by jblossom

Rumormonger: The coming online-ad apocalypse - ValleyWag

tags: trends

  • Yes, Virginia, there will be an online ad recession - and it's already been hitting Google. - post by jblossom

Dueling Stats: Yahoo, Google Vie For Top Site - Internet News

tags: trends

  • Would someone please come up with ome consistent online metrics? - post by jblossom

Directors, Studios Reach ‘Tentative’ Three-Year Deal; Residual Rate For Paid Downloads ‘Doubled’ -

tags: trends

  • The guilds know where revenues are moving and they want their share. - post by jblossom

Google finding success in D.C.; The company is beginning to flex some lobbying muscle. - ContentAgenda

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  • Google is learning the Washington game pretty well, just in time to take on the FCC's broadband auction. - post by jblossom

Internet 'significant in 14 or 15 years time' until then the paper makes the money, claims Sun editor -

tags: trends

  • 'Gads, some print folks are still pretty darn dense... - post by jblossom

Supreme Court Declines To Hear Orphan Works Case - Library Journal

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  • Brewster Kahle is denied his challenge to extended copyrights - for now. - post by jblossom

New York Times, big in Bucharest - MediaFile

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  • The NY Times, like other major news brands, will be focusing on broader global revenues to offset domestic markets stagnation. - post by jblossom

Next-Generation Digital Set-Top Boxes will be able to Play Content from Other Devices in the Home - Business Wire

tags: trends

  • Everybody seems to want to have a finger in controlling the distribution of media in a networked environment - and Macrovision is there with the others trying to become the all-purpose content server. - post by jblossom

Global Voices Online » An Introductory Guide to Global Citizen Media

tags: best_practices

  • Interesting case studies highlighting how people around the world are using social media to change their lives. - post by jblossom

Exclusive: Digg's secret editors - Valleywag

tags: trends

  • Social media news bookmarking sites are democratic. Except when they aren't. Turns out that editors are important after all. - post by jblossom

Content Meets the Purchase Funnel - ClickZ

tags: best_practices

  • Heidi provides a nice outline of how to ensure that you have the right content all the way through a purchasing process. - post by jblossom

Organic Content and the Printed Book - Sacred Vapor

tags: best_practices

  • Rightfully points out that eBooks are really not very innovative, just digital packaging of static content. When the standard package includes user-generated content and dynamic content then "organic" books will be more interesting. Agreed. - post by jblossom

Three Reasons Content Companies Need To Embrace Social Media - Social Media Today

tags: best_practices

  • In case you needed a crash course. - post by jblossom

Digging Deeper::Traditional Media Ready to Elevate the Conversation Online -- with Moderation - MediaShift

tags: best_practices

  • Good overview of how news organizations are finally getting with the program on moderating comments on their content. "Big" revelation: maybe registration isn't needed. - post by jblossom

IPod: Put Wikipedia on your iPod - Lifehacker

tags: cool_tools

  • The iPod/iPhone platform gets more rich content, but at 750MB it's a bit of a squeeze. - post by jblossom

Mobifusion Partners with Encyclopaedia Britannica to Bring the Most Trusted Information Source to Mobile Phones - PalmAddicts

tags: cool_tools

  • Good content, bad integration compared to Wikipedia on iPhone - post by jblossom

flickr2iPhone - Museum of Modern Betas

tags: cool_tools

  • More iPhone content - making photo sharing easy. - post by jblossom

Social Networks Optimized For The iPhone - Mashable

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  • Do Facebook right on your mobile. Social media's zoning in on mobile platforms more effectively. - post by jblossom

AskMeNow - eliminate brain fog with instant text answers - Download Squad

tags: cool_tools

  • Neat - send an SMS text message to 27563 with a question, get the answer texted back. Good for 411 info, directions, maps, stock quotes, weather, flights, etc. - post by jblossom

Microsoft to serve ads on financial site EDGAR - Reuters

tags: deals_partnerships_sales

  • A content for advertising deal that gives EDGAR Online access to better ad inventory and Microsoft access to high-quality financial content - post by jblossom

Flickr brings tagging to vintage images - CNET News

tags: no_tag

  • Really neat project - get the world to categorize content for the Library of Congress. Content Nation as the world's librarians. - post by jblossom

Microsoft names Tony Scott as information chief

tags: people

  • From Disney to Microsoft - underscoring their need to become more like Apple and get a chokehold on controlling in-home content distribution. - post by jblossom

Professional Social Networks, Inc. Launches First Professional Social Network for Chief Information Officers - PR Newswire

tags: products

  • Locking up socicaal networks via functional verticals - a smart move that many publishers will be asking themselves why they hadn't taken a few years from now. - post by jblossom

Why watermarking will never replace DRM - Ars Technica

tags: best_practices

  • Some interesting arguments that watermarking needs to have some more what's-in-it-for-me motivation to become a more powerful alternative to DRM. Misses the point of watermarking, though: it should be used to increase marketing opportunities, not to prosecute. - post by jblossom
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