Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Headlines for 01/23/2008


Sector Snap: Online Content Dives - AP via CNN Money
A bad day for and other public online publishers. An easy target for panicked investors.

Hundreds of Layoffs Expected at Yahoo - New York Times
Expected cutbacks, WSJ reports also that Yahoo Worlds brand effort has been cut, Yahoo! Answers to be managed by Europe.

Yahoo, Please Put Up A Fight - GigaOM
Om Malik rants about Yahoo's loss of USD 20 billion in market capitalization and points to its need to dominate more market segment verticals. I don't know that this is possible in a highly horizontal brand like Yahoo's built around traditional media aggregation. More later on ContentBlogger.

Editor Fires Parting Shot at His Chain - New York Times
Departing editor thinks that quality has suffered with newsroom cuts. Not a "get rewrite" insight, but he's right in that newspapers are losing their ability to attract top-quality writers.

CNET Board Fights Takeover - Trading Markets|
While public media stocks get dumped, private holdings are still very much in play.

Revisiting Googlezon: The Future of the News Media -
The creators of the famous EPIC video in 2004 that predicted the fall of major media outlets reflect on how they got some things right, but underestimated the role of social media in democratizing content.

Proposal to extend Euro copyright dies - Boing Boing
European copyright will not be extended to U.S. standards. A good thing, encourages publishers to innovate and to create more valuable new content.

IP Addresses Are Personal Data, E.U. Regulator Says - Washington Post
The EU. muddies the waters on privacy issues.

HBO launches Web service in 2 markets -
More than 375 movies on demand via the broadband Web. HBO's preparing for the death of the cable format.

The Digg Story Doesn’t Sell Anymore -
Social bookmarking sites are having problems, there's not enough community policing and editorial control in most to ensure quality. Better to stick with your real-world friends' bookmarks in Facebook oftentimes.

Tribune reporters, now on Facebook - Reuters MediaFile
"The dangers of YouTube and Facebook." Man, what a gap in consciousness.

LinkedIn chairman hints at IPO in 2009 - ValleyWag
An acquisition is ruled out for now. Seems counterintuitive, but with LinkedIn's extraordinary growth as of late perhaps it's not altogether unthinkable to go IPO next year.

Best Practices

Search, Content Processing, and the Great Database Controversy - Beyond Search
Stephen Arnold contemplates the future of the database in an era in which the world is a database.

The Only Way For Journalists To Understand The Web Is To Use It - Publishing 2.0
Good compare-and-contrast of journalism styles between blog-oriented publishing and traditional print-oriented publishing.

How Free And Paid Approaches Do Complement Each Other - Robin Good
"Freemium" debate from a fresh angle - good take.

Streaming Ads Driving Users Away From Content: Report -
Younger people are more tolerant, but don't recall much of them.

YouTube Community Council Provides Update - WebProNews
More social media portals are opening up to user groups that provide input on both features and policies.

Handpicked Video - RobinGood.TV
Robin Good TV has changed his focus to aggregating video clips from sources not normally highlighted in online news. Good model that should be incorporated into other social media aggregation services.

Cool Tools

Orchestr8 Widgetizes Content with New Clipping Tool - Mashable
This looks to be very, very interesting on the surface - in essence turn any Web page into a platform for a personal or shared mashup. Will explore.

Pownce goes live - Download Squad
A Web-only alternative to Twitter. Kind of an oxymoron, but interesting nevertheless.

New Cell Phone Boasts Unique 'Foldaway' Screen - CityNews:
A very cool idea - a phone with a screen larger than an iPhone that folds into a tiny phone.

Deals, Partnerships and Sales

Publicis, Google reveal digital ad collaboration - Reuters via CNET
Google eyes French ad partner.

ProQuest acquires RefWorks
Good acquisition to help ProQuest build a more effective social network of collaborative researchers.

B2B Newsletter Firm FierceMarkets Bought By Questex Media -
Sounds like a pretty good match, FierceMarkets will provide good infrastructure for events marketing.

Alfresco Secures $9 Million in Series C Funding Led by SAP Ventures - PR Newswire
More than USD 19 million now backing this open source content management startup.


Plaxo Pulse Optimized for 4 Million iPhones - Mashable
Plaxo pushes platform integration. Socialware is supplanting hardware as the common denominator for communication.

Alacra Launches Premium Content Ad Network - PR Web
Clever use of online ad technology to put premium content in context, sharing revenues from purchased research with advertisers. Pay-per-action with a twist. Good stuff. - post by jblossom

Pitt's university press to test demand for digital publishing - AP
Be still, o my heart. How daring.

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