Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SIIA Information Industry Summit 2008: The Transformation of the Digital World

The seventh Information Industry Summit from the Software and Infomation Industry Association comes at a time of both great optimism and great worries for the digital publishing industry, Transformative technologies have made more content available from more people and organizations for more audiences than ever before and the ability to monetize content in more contexts than ever before is truly unprecedented. This is great news for publishers and technology companies that are a part of this transformation and quite a challenge to publishers and distributors who are locked into older cost structures and marketers who are slow to adapt to new opportunities to reach their markets online. With a soft economy it's not always easy to make the most of new opportunities. But with the ability to target buyers and sellers through contextual advertising services and to target users of high-value content services more effectively through easily accessed online services there's the hope that marketing can be so focused as to help both publishers and marketers weather leaner times more effectively than ever before. SIIA President Ken Wasch underscored this with a summary of an SIIA report that indicates a combined content and information industry that is continuing to grow in the face of the tougher 2008 economy.

We'll be posting coverage of the Information Industry Summit throughout the event, with links to individual items posted here as the event unfolds. Our thanks to the SIIA and its fellow members on the planning committee for putting together a rich and engaging event.
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