Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back from Bookwriting: What Did I Miss? Not Much.

Yes, I've been conspicuously absent for the past few weeks. Pumping out a couple chapters of a book will do that to you, unfortunately. I am also realizing that I was working ever-harder to find news where there just wasn't all that much news. A few things have happened - more on the Yahoo mess shortly - but the industry was definitely in a bit of a real-news slump for the most part anyway as far as I could see.

What I did see was the New York Times article on blogger burnout. Blogging can give me headaches sometimes, but I am grateful that I didn't keel over with a heart attack like some. Humbly I have to take this at my own pace: I love being there for ya, but the NYT article reminds me that there's gotta be a me first and foremost for myself and my paying customers. My feeling from the beginning is that ContentBlogger should be an unbiased source of industry analysis, so I have avoided the commercial route - knowing also. of course, that this frees me to be somewhat neglectful of my blogging duties sometimes.

In the meantime I will catch up with some posts that I owe you and I thank you for your patience. I love doing ContentBlogger, but sometimes I need to balance that love with other things.
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