Friday, June 6, 2008

SIIA Brown Bag Lunch: Publishers Get ARMed! Attract, Retain and Monetize through Search

The shameless self-promotion division of Shore is proud to announce that I'll be amongst the speakers at next week's SIIA Brown Bag Lunch panel presentation on Wednesday, 11 June focusing on how to attract, monetize and retain audiences and clients through search technologies. The panel will be moderated by Leslie Kues, Senior Director at Microsoft's FAST with my distinguished co-panelists Kate Noerr, Founder, Chairman & CEO of MuseGlobal, Stephen Baker, Chief Revenue Officer for EveryZing and Barbara Kroll, Director, Corporate Strategy for Wolters Kluwer. It promises to be a great panel, including both publishers using search in enterprise and media markets as well as two leading technology companies helping publishers and enterprises to get more value from search as a publishing platform. Registration information is here, it's going to be available as a live event at the McGraw-Hill Building in New York as well as an online video event.

As for myself, I will be emphasizing how search is a publishing tool that is not just about the "white box" and a list of results but a technology that can enable content to be aggregated in a "just in time" publishing environment to support a wide variety of content applications for media and enterprise markets. If you're planning to come you may want to catch my earlier entry "Beyond Search Engines: The Database is Now" to get a feel as to how search engines are starting to replace databases as the primary content gathering mechanism for content applications and its implications for publishing. Long story short, the way that financial markets thought about stock tickers and trading room system middleware is how more advanced publishers are beginning to think about search engines.

Hope to see you at the brown bag - no food but plenty of beverages and great cookies - trust me.
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