Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SIIA Information Industry Summit 2009 - Focusing on a Very Present Future

After a challenging drive in to Manhattan with boxes of "Content Nation" in the back seat, Marjorie Scardino, Chief Executive of Pearson, was starting her keynote as I was plugging in to blog. What I heard was a good presentation of the typical promises and challenges facing the publishing industry as the rapid change fomenting through new generations and new technologies. What was nice about Scardino's perspective was that she spoke as both a CEO and an adult facing her children as well as the market research. In a sense, our empirical experience of the rapid pace of change due to publishing's impact on society is catching up and surpassing many of the fundamental presumptions of the publishing industry faster than they can reposition their assets to engage these changes.

That said, it is a hopeful sign that the SIIA Information Industry Summit this years has robust attendance and a great lineup of executives and experts who are wrestling with the changes impacting the information industry. These professionals are engaging many of the key "sink or swim" issues aggressively: resting on past assurances is a thing of the past. I will be blogging throughout the two-day conference (when I am not signing books) and trying to capture the essence of the conference. I will post links to individual "live-blog" posts here as they are up and available. Stay tuned!

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Thriving on Chaos: Profiting from the New New Era of Political, Economic and Technology Change
Henry Blodgett, CEO, Business Insider
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CTO to the Stars! The Shifting Role of CTOs
End Keynote: Stephanie George, EVP, Time, Inc.
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