Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shore Communications Inc. Waves Goodbye to 2009

What a year it's been.
  • iPhones rocked, Google shocked and social media was no longer mocked as publishers and technology companies flocked to online content business models;
  • Bing had a fling and even Windows 7 would sing as Kindle took wing, but proprietary platforms are no longer king;
  • Those in the cloud were quite proud of profits that wowed enterprise and media markets and vowed that all content would thrive in its shroud;
  • Enterprise vendors clung to tight margins and hung on to hopes of new profits among rescaled businesses flung across a changing world;
  • Twitter got the Web a-flitter about real-time chitter-chat, making news publishers bitter about the new heavy hitter;
  • Murdoch howled about profits fouled by search engines that prowled for news, while AP scowled at content reuses that tempted its members to throw in the towel;
  • Smart phones got fast and netbooks now cast a shadow over the last bits of old-school computing;
  • Save the best for last! It's Wave, the rave of brave trend-setters, promising an enclave that will repave the road to the Web's future;
  • Feel like you need a suture or two? Don't worry. The couture of content will change soon enough. The future is bright - for those who are tough.
Everyone at Shore Communications wishes you a great holiday season and a fantastic 2010. Enjoy what is important, and let's build the future of content together next year! I hope that you enjoy the following year-end video.

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