Thursday, February 25, 2010

About ContentBuzz: Integrating Google Buzz into ContentBlogger

As those who follow me on Twitter may know, most of my posts of news headlines these days come by way of Google's new Buzz social media service. When you click on my links in Twitter or, on ContentBlogger, via the headlines window, you'll visit my Buzz posts that have my more detailed headline commentary. Many of these commentaries aren't as detailed as my ContentBlogger posts, but they are timely insights, nevertheless. Moreover, you'll be able to take advantage of the Buzz commenting service to share your thoughts with others on both the news items and my commentary. You're not obliged to have a Google Accounts login to view these comments, so I consider this a more open alternative to Facebook commentary, and one that is free of some of the commercial and personal "noise" that one finds on the Facebook service.

From time to time on ContentBlogger you may now see items prefixed with the term "ContentBuzz." These will be items that I have cherry-picked from my Buzz stream for your consideration. I'll include a link to the original news item that prompted the post along with a link to the item in Buzz, where you may contribute your own comments - or, if you prefer, you can continue to leave comments on ContentBlogger. Hopefully I can get this merged in more effectively in the weeks ahead - any and all ideas appreciated - but for now, be aware that there's a lot more commentary coming your way.

Alternatively, to subscribe to a feed of links to my Buzz posts with headlines, click here.
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