Thursday, February 25, 2010

ContentBuzz: iPad purchase plans sluggish, AdMob survey finds

Well, this may be an example of a poorly targeted survey returning data that creates its own reality. So one in six iPhone users intend to purchase an iPad. Well, is that so bad? It means that some people already heavily invested in mobile touch devices may actually go out and purchase a second one. That's not necessarily bad news. What the survey really doesn't tell us is how much the iPad will motivate purchasers who have yet to obtain an advanced mobile phone. In theory, that's supposed to be one of the key iPad appeal points, right? You know, get mom and dad who have never used a PC to cozy up to this magazine-sized gizmo? What the survey tells me is that leading technology adopters are having a hard time understanding why they'd buy an iPad - which may affect the breadth of the buzz that would push people who follow the leaders to consider a purchase. But that may not say anything about people who don't listen to those leaders. We'll see, but my guess is that by the time the iPad launches the buzz on competitive devices will be ramping up.

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