Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SIIA NetGain 2010: If You Could Ask Google One Question, What Would it Be?

I am going to be part of the SIIA NetGain bus caravan today that is traveling down Highway 101 to visit some of the major content technology companies in Silicon Valley. As many of you know, I tend to ask a lot of questions when I am at events, and I expect that my visit to these companies will be filled with great opportunities for questions. With Google being the leading company on this little journey, it seemed like a good idea to ask people online what question they'd like to ask. I started with a question on LinkedIn Answers, which drew quite a few responses. I have shared the best of these responses in an embedded wave below. Feel free to log in to Wave to vote for these or to add your own (signup is free), or, alternatively, add yours in the comments of this blog post.
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